I recently discovered an interesting internet phenomenon: Swagbucks. A search and win site that allows you to accumulate points that you can trade in for prizes, Swagbucks is one of the few websites I’ve seen that doesn’t require you to invest your own money (or your credit card number) to gain points and win. After I spent an hour or so on the site, I decided to take on a big challenge. My goal is to earn enough Swagbucks to pay for all our Christmas presents in 2012! I have a whole year to accomplish my goal, and it will require a small time commitment on my part. But how amazing would it be to get all our Christmas presents essentially for free?! (The only cost will be some of my time.)

I will post regular updates on my Swagbucks progress to keep you all up to date. Once I become more familiar with the site, I will also post advice that I can share from my Swagbucks experience. Head over to Swagbucks and set up your own account!

Just by searching the web, watching some videos, and offering your opinion in their daily poll, you could have a free Christmas too!

Check out my progress updates here.

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