Wednesday, January 11, 2012

1/1/12: Swagbucks Update

One of the things I want to feature here is my adventure with Swagbucks. I have challenged myself (read the post here) to earn enough Swagbucks for a free 2012 Christmas! At first, I thought this was a pretty lofty goal. After just two weeks of being a Swagbucks member, however, I think this may actually be possible! Let me explain.

Every day, I log on to the Swagbucks website and complete a few short tasks. I take the Daily Poll, complete the NOSO (No Obligation Special Offers), and browse the Trusted Surveys. I search a few times using my toolbar. Occasionally I complete a Special Offer. I usually complete at least one round of Swagbucks TV.

Here is a breakdown of what I earn every day in just a few minutes:
Daily Poll: 1 Swagbuck
NOSO: 2 Swagbucks
Trusted Surveys: Varies, at least 5 Swagbucks
Toolbar: 1 Swagbuck
Search wins: Varies, at least 7 Swagbucks
Special Offer: Varies, at least 5
Swagbucks SBTV: 3 Swagbucks per round

Every day, with about ten minutes of my time, I earn 24 Swagbucks. This doesn’t sound like much, but it is enough to earn nearly two $5 Amazon gift cards a month. Depending on the surveys I might qualify for, I can earn hundreds of Swagbucks just by answering some questions. Swagbucks allows you to complete 25 rounds of SBTV a day. Many of the Special Offers are free, require only an email address, and earn up to 50 or 60 Swagbucks. (The ones that require purchases can earn hundreds or thousands).

I became a member of Swagbucks on 12/15/11. Today is 1/1/12, and I have earned 2,355 Swagbucks! That is enough for 5 $5 Amazon gift cards! I earned $25 in just two weeks by searching the internet and watching TV. I completed one paid offer, BUT — I spent $2 on the offer and earned enough points to buy a $5 Amazon gift card. That is the only purchase I have made AND I have no referrals under me. (Referrals earn you matched points up to 1000 Swagbucks and are the fastest way to earn. I’m not even using that feature yet!) Swagbucks is really an amazing site and at this rate, I will be able to earn enough to pay for Christmas with no problem at all!

I will continue to post my Swagbucks progress as I continue along. I anticipate great things from this site and encourage you to join. Help me earn by being a referral! (Click on any of the links in this post.) Who couldn’t use a little extra cash here and there?!

(Note: I wrote up this post on 1/1/12 but didn't publish it until 1/11/12. In case you were wondering about the date, that's what happened!)

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