Saturday, February 18, 2012

Thrift Store Score!

If you love to sew, you are well aware of how expensive fabric is! When I first got into sewing, my thought was -- thrifty and fun! Once I started shopping for fabric, I realized that unless I was very careful, there was nothing thrifty about sewing. I couldn't believe that I could easily pay over $20 just to make one garment! Since then, I keep on the lookout for thrifty fabric finds.

I still scan the sale section at my local fabric store, but today, I got an exciting call from my husband. He is a thrift store enthusiast! He loves going in and seeing what he can find for some ridiculously good price. I love a good deal, but my super organized brain cannot handle the insanity that is a thrift store. I know, sometimes they are very well organized -- even by color! -- but I am just wired for the "new store" kind of organization, and for some reason, I just need there to be six of  particular item hanging on a rack in size order to get myself excited about looking at it. I realize this is a major character flaw, but there you have it.

Anyway, he was shopping at a thrift store and discovered THREE BINS full of fabric! It was all priced at... are you ready?? ... a dollar a yard! He came home, picked me up, and we went right back. I spent about $50 (leftover from Christmas), but I have more fabric than you can shake a stick at! (I don't know what that means. I have a lot of fabric. haha) If you are a thrift store lover, keep your eyes peeled. You never know what you might find! If you have a hard time shopping at thrift stores like me, send out your significant other or best friend, and you never know what they might find for you :)

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