Sunday, April 15, 2012

4/15/12 Swagbucks Update and ANOTHER Tip!

Four months as a Swagbucks user, and I must say, I only like this program more and more the longer I'm a part of it! In the past month, I've earned close to 5700 Swagbucks, bringing my lifetime earnings to 26,440. That's equivalent to about $290 using the $5 Amazon gift card as a rate of exchange (90 SBs = $1). My goal is to earn a free Christmas (read about that here) and I'm well on my way!

I think it's helpful to set a daily (or weekly) goal to try to hit to keep on track. That keeps me from overdoing it -- once I've hit my goal, I can put it away for the day. But it also gives me a target to shoot for to keep me motivated. So far, I think a reasonable goal for me is 150-175 Swagbucks a day. That equals out to about 1100-1200 Swagbucks a week. This will allow me to redeem the 5 $5 Amazon gift cards that are the best deal and redeem a $50 Amazon gift card every other month. If I can hit this target, I can save up $600 in my Amazon account to use for Christmas! That is more than enough for our family of three :) Even if you have ten kids, though, how nice would it be to have $600 waiting in your account for you to use?!

I shared a tip last month with my update, and I thought that might be helpful again. Here's something new I have added to my "daily" Swagbucks checklist (read about the rest of my dailies here): Some of the Special Offer boards have daily surveys. Trial Pay and Peanut Labs seem to have the most consistent options. If you go to the Trial Pay wall and click "Surveys", there are several companies that offer a new survey every day. Of course, you have to qualify to earn the Swagbucks and they aren't screened for you like the surveys that pop up in Trusted Surveys, but it's worth the minute or two it takes to see if you qualify. If you do get to take the survey, you can earn an easy 25 to 90 Swagbucks!

I really can't recommend Swagbucks enough. They have a promotion going on now to give away a trip to Las Vegas! I mean, how awesome is that?! Actually, they'll be sending one super-Swagger AND someone who votes in the contest too, so even if you join now, you could be on your way to a great vacation :) You can sign up using any of the links in this post!

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  1. I would not recommend the surveys at all. Trusted surveys, any of them unless you don't need to qualify, and they are not too long.
    I've taken one survey for 60 Swagbucks. Though I did get through the whole thing, it took me almost 2 hours to complete. That was 2 hours of constant question after question, after question. And as someone who has better things to do, or just more interesting things to do, I don't like to take them.

    I'd say the best way to earn is Swagbucks TV. That is where I literally earned about 70% of all my Swagbucks. Games are good too. You don't really even have to play them, just get through them. None of them meet the standards of HTML5 Web games, so, they aren't interesting to play, because there are better games out there.