Friday, March 23, 2012

Why Today Is a Great Day

TODAY is a great day. Why, you ask? Three reasons:
  1. Hunger Games premiere! I know, it's all the rage. Can it really be that great? YES! I can say because I just got home from seeing it :) If you're not into movies, The Hunger Games books are amazing!
  2. It's MEGA SWAGBUCKS DAY! Every Friday, Swagbucks offers bigger wins for searches. Mosey over to the Swagbucks Facebook wall if you don't believe me :)
  3. SWAGBUCKS CODE! If you haven't given over to the wonders of Swagbucks yet, NOW is the time to do it! Starting today through the end of the day April 2nd, Swagbucks is offering a 70 SB sign up bonus! When you register, enter the code MARCHSWAG and get 100 SBs at sign up instead of the usual 30 SBs. This will put you a quarter of the way toward your first $5 Amazon gift card, and all you have to do is enter your name and email address. I mean, hello?! There really is no better time to join! (Use any of the links above to sign up.)
I'm sure there are many more reasons why today is a great day. Can you think of one? Share! Happy Friday!

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